Project Description

The Research Centre for the Application of Steel (OCAS) has vast experience in metals and their metallurgy. Two of its key missions are alloy and coating development. OCAS provides laboratory design and small-scale production of metals with a tailored chemistry and microstructure. In addition to lab production, OCAS has a variety of modelling and characterisation techniques allowing to implement novel metal based solutions in co-engineering with the customer.

During the last decade, OCAS furthermore became a key player in the field of hydrogen. In its dedicated hydrogen lab, OCAS performs research on the behaviour of metals and hydrogen.

OCAS also has a long history of successful R&D partnerships with companies and research institutes. OCAS is the driving force behind the Metal Structures Centre, a strategic collaboration with BIL and Ghent Universities’ Soete lab on design, use and evaluation of the behaviour of steel structures.