Project Description

The Centre for Research in Metallurgy (CRM) within the Materials Research Cluster is globally recognized for its experience in rolling of metallic strip. Thanks to the unique pilot continuous hot rolling mill, CRM can assist in technological aspects related to the hot rolling of metallic strips aiming at process optimisation for increased performance and cost reduction. The CRM team at the Gent-Zwijnaarde site has key competences in

  • improving roll performance for increased mill productivity
  • energy efficient rolling by smart lubrication
  • predicting the impact of rolling process parameters on product properties and surface quality


The CRM team within the Materials Research Cluster is furthermore worldwide respected for its expertise in thermal exchange during heating and cooling

  • efficient water cooling technologies to enable reducing alloying elements and achieving high strength properties
  • characterising water cooling devices in terms of their heat transfer coefficient and homogeneity
  • modelling to predict temperature evolution in different processing configurations